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Military man getting into helicopter carrying a Pelican

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So you government and military folks are in the middle of some important "Operation Monitoring" and decided to take a look at the trading post.

Well Trader Dan wants you to know that at Coachella, we sweat the details so you can focus on the mission. Well actually that is the slogan of the good folks over at Pelican but Trader Dan holds 'em to it. Trader Dan was a military man himself and applies his sense of honor and duty every day at the trading post.

And that's why Dan takes seriously the products we offer to our folks in uniform.

Pelican is one of our biggest vendors of serious military supplies. The watertight, crush proof and chemical resistant Protectorâ„¢ Case has been thrown from attack helicopters and submerged for special ops to safely deliver sensitive gear where it's needed most: right up front.

Military man fixing vehicle with Pelican and custom foam cutting

Our extensive array of professional lighting tools for all missions in the cockpit, on the ground, or underwater. From NVG-compatible and IR flashlights to heavy duty Xenon and LED submersible work lights. All are guaranteed for life and built tough for extreme conditions.

For information on our complete line of products designed for the military, drop Trader Dan a line

Our Protector Cases are watertight and dustproof. They've been thrown from attack helicopters and submerged for covert ops to safely deliver sensitive gear where it's needed most: right up front.

Military and federal customers please call directly for government program information.


Military man getting into helicopter carrying a Pelican

Pelican 1780W

1780W HL Weapons Case (with Rifle Hard Liner Insert)

Interior Dimensions:
42.00" x 22.00" x 15.10" (106.6 x 55.9 x 38.3 cm)

police officer loading weapon from the 1780 pelican case

Military man getting into helicopter carrying a Pelican

Like all Pelican cases there are variety of options:

And Trader Dan can even set you up with some custom foam cutting for the insert so you can put anything you want in it.


Pelican 9450 lighting system

Pelican 9450

9450 Remote Area Lighting System

The 9450 Remote Area Lighting System combines our tough 1510 Carry On Case with 16 x 1 watt LEDs mounted in an aluminum heat sink. All items are stored inside the case and assemble in minutes. The aluminum pole extends to a height of 83" to provide 1280 lumens of light for any area. The rechargeable battery has 9 hours of life at maximum output tailing off to low light level at hour 17. The diffuser (included) can be mounted to change the beam from a focused spot to a diffused beam.


Firefighter loading compacted 9450 lighting system into cargo hatch in firetruck


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Give me a description and a quanitity, and I'll get you a price--QUICK!

Whatcha wantin' to buy today?


We got lots of stuff here for a traveller like yerself.

Whatcha lookin' for?


Tell me 'bout whatcha been doin' with my goods.

What's yer story?


So yer wantin' to know about this har tradin' post, eh?


Trader Dan is the free wheelin' tough guy who operates this here tradin' post. After a proud stint in the military, Dan found himself workin' a 9 to 5 for one of them wall street type corporations. Well Dan spent those years goin' out and learning how to trade; where to get the best prices on the best goods and how to treat a customer. But Dan and the corporate workaday world wasn't workin' out. So Dan headed out to the hills of Caleefornia and staked a claim on some land nobody wanted in the desert. He built himself a shack to call home and retire in peace, but wouldn't ya' know every so often a traveler would come through stopping in asking for directions. Dan would invite 'em in, give 'em a glass of water, and ask 'em about their travels. Woooeee did he hear some tall tales. Well it got to be enough people were comin' by, Trader Dan got it in his head that he'd start a little tradin' post, where he could make some deals with the folks comin' through and listen to their stories.

Thus was born the Coachella Valley Trading Post. A place where folks come by to find some neat stuff, read stories from other folks, and post some of their own.

As Dan keeps expandin' the trading post, you can be sure there will be a whole lot of interesting characters and stuff to look at. Word has it that Trader Dan met an gypsy woman comin' back from Denver named Old Sonya who knows everything with her crystal ball and she might be settin' up shop in the back. Then there's Dan' old buddy Radioactive Redd. He's a space cowboy whose got his pulse on the that new fangled technology people keep inventin'.

And well, there's you. Fact is, you all are the most important part of this tall tale. We want to hear from you. See something you like on the site? Tell us about it. See something that reminds you of anything in your life? Tell us about it. Did ya' buy somethin' from the tradin' post? Tell us about it. Heck, if you're story is interesting enough Dan just might give ya' deal on your next purchase here at the post, or even send out them wacky creative types that live in the shack out back to do a whole article about ya'.

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